JADEANVIL 101: Deus Mechanicus curated by CAPSAICIN by Jadeanvil on Mixcloud

Known for creating abstract, psychedelic, and synesthetic live video art in clubs, festivals, warehouses and out in the dust, Washington, DC based「capsaicin」(John Tyson) is anything but a one trick pony. Frequently exploring the varied realms of music, philosophy, linguistics, environmentalism, and the various ethical dilemmas we face as a society, his work aims to discover new possibilities at the intersection of a diverse set of interests.

07-studio-gadgetsHis premiere mix for the Jade Anvil Collective provides a global perspective on imaginative techno featuring a multifaceted selection of hard-nosed and hypnotic compositions, splashed with melody and emotion. A far cry from the commercial Tech-House party anthems often presented to audiences as “Techno,”「capsaicin」 re-connects to the roots of Techno as an underground music of resistance – a rebellion against the homogenous corporate drudgery of the 21st century. Allow this rallying cry against social, economic and environmental injustice to rouse your mind, body, and soul. Prepare to commune with the machine-god.

Consider the gauntlet dropped.


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